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Here you can find out everything you need to know about sustainable and healthy dental care

Model mit nachhaltiger Zahnbürste aus Bambus und Zahnputz Tabletten vegan

Your perfect tooth brushing routine

Cologne, 06/02/23 Sustainable & healthy dental care easily explained Well, you're asking yourself: How can I take better care of my teeth? Here you will find the answer and the key to sustain...
Wie nutze ich Zahnseide richtig?

How do I use dental floss correctly?

Cologne, 06/01/23 Dental floss - the A&O for your oral hygiene Hey, did you know that dental floss is an absolute must-have for a bright smile? It's so easy to floss properly that by the end ...
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Healthy dental care. What is part of it?

Cologne, 06/02/23 Dive into the world of natural dental care alternatives with Paperdent! Healthy dental care is the key to a gorgeous smile & general well-being. More and more people rely on...
Nachhaltige Interdentalbürste aus Papier von Paperdent

The sustainable innovation: Interdental brush made of paper

Cologne, 05.06.23 The right application & selection of the right size A healthy, radiant smile is a real eye-catcher and contributes to your self-confidence. In order to maintain this smile, ...
Paperdent gemischtes Sortiment Mundspülung Zahnseide Zahnputztabletten und Interdentalbürste aus Papier

Sustainability in dental care. But why?

Cologne, 05.06.23 Why sustainable dental care is so important & how you can integrate it into your everyday life Hey! You may be wondering what you can do to help protect the environment and ...
Model mit nachhaltiger, antibakterieller Mundspülung in einem Papierkarton aus FSC Papier

Why use antibacterial mouthwash?

Cologne, 06/02/23 Hey and welcome to another blog post that will help you make your smile even brighter and healthier. Today we're going to talk about something that many of us may already be usi...