Clean teeth, clean conscience. That's behind it.
Gründer von Paperdent, Louis und Burak, die in einem Fotostudio sitzen und in die Kamera lächeln

Who we are 🌅

We, Louis and Burak and our team are behind Paperdent. What connects us is the striving for more sustainability and the desire to contribute our individual skills in the most meaningful way possible. Two friends from Cologne laid the foundation for this: Louis and Burak. Our co-founder Louis, who as a dentist attaches particular importance to a healthy and environmentally friendly smile, brings expertise in the field of dental care. That is why we have been manufacturing dental care products from largely renewable raw materials since 2019, without you having to forego the performance you are used to.

Mitarbeiterinnen Charly, Toni und Paula halten Paperdent Zahnputz-Tabeltten, Paperdent Zahnseite der Geschmacksrichtung Wassermelone Minze und eine geviertelte Wassermelone in die Kamera und lächeln dabei

The lion's den 🦁

With our first successful product, the Wingbrush interdental brush, we prevailed in 2019 in the lion's den (TV show on VOX) and got a deal. Little did we know at this point, however, that our journey had only just begun. Little by little we worked together, developed and tested so that we can now offer you a whole range of sustainable dental care products.

Dentist + passion = Paperdent ❤️

Plastic was yesterday. Paper is the future🌍

Gründer und Zahnarzt Louis lächelt vor einem türkis/hellbraunen Hintergrund in Papiertextur

Make your dentist happy 😉

As a dentist, Louis brings his many years of experience to the development of our products to improve your dental health in the long term. He knows the most common dental problems and knows from his own experience what requirements your dentist places on dental care products. That's why we work together with well-known partner companies in the development of our Paperdent line, which already have decades of experience in the production of dental care products. In the end, not only your dentist, but also you, receive a sustainable alternative to conventional products without sacrificing quality and performance.

Charly gurgelt mit der Paperdent Mundspülung und schaut dabei in die obere rechte Ecke des Bildes. Sie sitzt vor einem rot/hellbraunen Hintergrund aus Papiertextur

Our drive 🍃

Dental care continues to use a large number of plastic consumables that are only used for a few moments and then end up in landfill or, in the worst case, in the oceans. This makes no sense from an ecological point of view. We want to enable you to be sustainable in every aspect of your life. We adapt the materials to the lifespan of the product in order to minimize the ecological footprint together with you. That's why we at Paperdent use materials made from renewable raw materials and recyclable packaging. We are constantly striving to improve our technologies and materials to offer you the best possible dental care without harming our environment.

Mitarbeiterin Line lachend vor einer blau/hellbraunen Papiertextur


The sustainability factor influences our entire thinking and actions. With every new Paperdent product, we always ask ourselves the question: “Is it really better for our environment?” Only when we can develop the product in such a way that we answer this question with a clear “yes” will we begin production. In addition, we do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as a company as low as possible. That's why we've been offsetting our CO2 emissions since 2020. In addition, we ship your orders climate-neutrally with DHL GoGreen and are also committed to more sustainability in companies as “Leaders for Climate Action”.

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