We not only want to leave you with a bright smile, but also a greener world.
We not only want to leave you with a bright smile, but also a greener world.
We not only want to leave you with a bright smile, but also a greener world.

Change is in the air

We use various oral hygiene products every day, such as toothpaste, dental floss, interdental brushes and mouthwash. Unpacked, used a few times and thrown away again, several hundred tons of plastic end up in the garbage and in the worst case in our environment. It can stay there for hundreds of years before decomposing. It doesn't have to be.

That's why we offer you sustainable alternative products with Paperdent, the material of which we have adapted to the useful life. We rely on transparency and social responsibility both with our products and as a partner company. Here you can find out everything about our drive and our goals for more sustainability. Our motto: Paper is the new plastic. Our vision: permanently sustainable dental care for everyone.

Paper instead of plastic

Since we use paper for the production of our products, we make sure that this is managed and sourced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and only use FSC-certified paper whenever possible. In contrast to plastic, paper is not only made from renewable raw materials, but can also be recycled more often and easily.

However, we are still on the way to becoming completely plastic-free. Where we cannot or must not do without plastic, we take care to keep the proportion as low as possible and compensate every gram by collecting the same amount of plastic that we sell through our products from our seas and our environment permit.


● Renewable raw materials instead of plastic ● Raw materials are adapted to the product and its lifetime ● Vegan ● Sustainable packaging, reduced to a minimum, saves CO2 emissions during transport

Dental floss

● Vegan (Microcrystalline Wax)
● Made In Europe (Germany and Italy)
● Hygienic packaging (inside): compostable bioplastic bag made from wood pulp

Interdentalbürsten drei Varianten aus Papier, nachhaltig und vegan

Interdental brushes

● FSC-certified paper handle
● Packaging made from FSC-certified cardboard
● Space-saving design reduces CO2 emissions from transport
● Filaments of castor oil


● Vegan
● Alcohol free
●Made in Germany
● Bottling in the Netherlands
● 83% less plastic compared to conventional mouthwash.
● Packaging almost 100% recyclable

Vegane Zahnputz Tabletten in Verpackung aus Papier, nachhaltig und vegan

Toothpaste tablets

● Vegan
● Without microplastics or preservatives
● Replaces two tubes of toothpaste
● With FSC cellulose
● Made in Europe
● 80% less packaging than toothpaste

Gründer von Paperdent, Louis und Burak, die in einem Fotostudio sitzen und in die Kamera lächeln

Our vision

We know that a sustainable and natural lifestyle goes hand in hand with a healthier lifestyle. That's why switching to Paperdent® is not only good for the planet, but also for you. So that you can get started right away, we want to make our products as accessible to you as possible: online, in retail stores or at your dentist.

Product criteria

As a company, we have consciously committed ourselves to sustainability. That is why we rely on a wide range of criteria for all products, which serve as the basis for our developments and decisions. You can find an overview of these criteria here:

Now also in retail!

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But it's not just where you can get Paperdent that's important to us, but also how. That's why we've been relying entirely on climate neutrality since 2021. Not only do we send our packages to your home in a climate-neutral manner via DHL GoGreen, but we also compensate for our company's emissions by supporting UN climate protection projects.