Wie nutze ich Zahnseide richtig?

How do I use dental floss correctly?

Cologne, 06/01/23

Dental floss - the A&O for your oral hygiene

Hey, did you know that dental floss is an absolute must-have for a bright smile? It's so easy to floss properly that by the end of this article you'll be wondering why you haven't always done so. So grab your dental floss and let's dive into the world of sustainable dental care together!

Materials and types - The perfect dental floss for you

Whether waxed, unwaxed, with fluoride or aroma - there is dental floss for every taste. Are you vegan? No problem, there are even vegan versions! Choose the floss that best suits you and your needs. Pro tip: Our sustainable Paperdent dental floss is vegan & available in two extraordinarily fresh flavors!

The right technique – Wrapping and pulling

Take about 50 cm of dental floss - yes, that much! You'll need enough to comfortably wrap them around your fingers later. Wrap the end of the floss around your middle finger and the other end around the middle finger of your other hand. Leave about 2-3 cm of floss between your fingers to have enough space to work. Tension the floss using the index fingers and thumbs of both hands.

Plunge into the depths of the interdental spaces

Now it's getting exciting! Gently insert the floss into the interdental space. Be careful not to press too hard on the gums to avoid injury. Repeat this process for all interdental spaces. Start on one side of the bit and work your way systematically to the other side.

The C-shape is your key to success

Once the floss is between two teeth, form a C-shape by wrapping the floss around one of the teeth. Now move the dental floss gently up and down to remove plaque from the surfaces. Repeat this process for the adjacent tooth. Pro tip: Make sure to always use a clean section of floss by rolling it back and forth between your fingers.

Don't forget: Even the back teeth need love!

It's easy to forget about back molars, but even they need a thorough cleaning. Take the time to clean those hard-to-reach areas, too. The finale: Rinse and smile. You managed! Now rinse your mouth thoroughly 🙂