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Healthy dental care. What is part of it?

Cologne, 06/02/23

Dive into the world of natural dental care alternatives with Paperdent!

Healthy dental care is the key to a gorgeous smile & general well-being. More and more people rely on sustainability, naturalness and plastic-free alternatives to protect not only their teeth but also nature. In this blog article we will take you into the exciting world of sustainable solutions for natural dental care and show you what healthy dental hygiene is all about.

Careful tooth cleaning is the linchpin of natural dental care. You should make sure to brush your teeth regularly, at least twice a day. It counteracts plaque formation and tooth decay. Use a gentle, circular technique to avoid gum damage. Complete your dental care routine with the use of a sustainable interdental brush for an unbeatable feeling of freshness in your mouth! Treat yourself to dental care products with natural ingredients! They are biodegradable and good for your oral hygiene in the long term.

‎ Natural power for your teeth: The superheroes of oral hygiene

Give your tooth brushing routine the necessary impetus: With the Paperdent mouthwash in sustainable paper packaging! A natural mouthwash is important for a number of reasons, both for your oral health and for your general well-being. Honestly, who doesn't like fresh breath? Mouthwash is not only there to kill bacteria, it also makes your mouth feel fresh and clean. The natural, antibacterial ingredients are gentle on your gums but tough on plaque.

Dental floss is an integral part of healthy dental hygiene. Our vegan dental floss, made from sustainably sourced materials, is an absolute must-have for your oral hygiene. Our Paperdent dental floss comes with xylitol and activated charcoal - for a healthy and bright smile! When used, it swells in the space between the teeth and thus optimally cleans the entire area.

‎ Let your teeth shine & do something good for the environment!

Do you already know THE innovation in sustainable dental care? Toothpaste tablets ! The small toothbrush tabs are not only plastic-free and environmentally friendly, but also convince with their natural ingredients. Mint flavor, anyone? With vegetable cellulose, they ensure an effective and at the same time long-lasting cleaning experience. The water-free tablet conjures up a verifiable, unique fluoride effect in your mouth, which protects your teeth from tooth decay in the long term. Your smile will shine like never before!

For those who like it a little more unusual, there is also oil pulling. This ancient technique from Ayurvedic medicine helps you banish toxins from your mouth and strengthen your gums. Simply take a tablespoon of organic coconut or sesame oil, distribute it evenly in your mouth and leave it on for 20 minutes. This is how you improve your oral health naturally and without chemical additives.

This is how we ensure a radiant smile and a healthier environment together!