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Paperdent - Sustainable dental care for an environmentally friendly future

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Cologne, 06/03/23

Paper can house ideas that change the world - and we use it to do just that. The motto "Paper is the new plastic" is what defines us at Paperdent.

Paperdent - The brand for environmentally conscious oral hygiene

Every year, millions of plastic dental care products end up in the garbage in Germany. Many disposable items, such as interdental brushes, are often only used once and then thrown away. At Paperdent® we rely on resource-saving materials without compromising on quality and cleaning efficiency. Our dental floss in a cardboard box, interdental brushes with paper handles, mouthwash in a composite paper box and toothbrush tabs in a paper bag offer you an environmentally friendly complete solution for daily dental care.

Paper instead of plastic - the future of your dental care

With Paperdent® we want to revolutionize your dental care by using paper instead of plastic. We believe that single-use plastic has no place in your mouth or in nature. When developing and manufacturing our Paperdent® products, we not only work with experienced manufacturers, but also bring our own expertise to bear - thanks in part to our co-founder Louis, who, as a dentist, contributes valuable specialist knowledge. We hope that you appreciate our sustainable Paperdent® dental care products as much as we do and become part of the change. The best thing to do is to convince yourself and bring the environmentally friendly Paperdent® innovations home. Together we can set out on the road to plastic freedom .

What makes our Paperdent products special?

Paperdent® Dental floss: A vegan dental floss should not be missing from your oral care! The outer packaging of the Paperdent dental floss is made of cardboard and also serves as a dental floss dispenser. Inside there is an environmentally friendly, cellulose-based plastic packaging for hygienic reasons.

Paperdent® Interdental brushes: The interdental brushes have a paper handle and are made of stainless steel and castor oil filaments. The resealable packaging is also made from FSC-certified paper.

Paperdent® Mouthwash: The mouthwash is not only vegan and alcohol-free, but can also save 83% plastic by filling it in square paper composite boxes (compared to conventional bottles). Production and packaging take place in the EU, which ensures short transport routes.

Paperdent® Tooth cleaning tabs: The tooth cleaning tabs replace two conventional toothpaste tubes and thus save 80% packaging material. They contain vegetable cellulose fibers for gentle cleaning and are free of microplastics and preservatives. The industrially compostable paper packaging conserves resources and reduces CO2 emissions.

Paperdent® offers you sustainable and efficient alternatives for dental care by using environmentally friendly materials and packaging and avoiding plastic wherever possible.